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انتخابی اندراج

On 31 October 2023 the way you apply for a postal vote changed. You are now required to make separate applications to vote by post in both UK Parliament and Scottish Elections.

•    For UK Parliament Elections: the easiest way is to apply online at
•    For Scottish Elections: you will need to complete a paper form. Please use the following link to download a Scottish only application form –  here

If you are unable to go online to apply for a UK Parliament postal vote, you can use a paper form to apply for both UK Parliament and Scottish Elections postal votes. Please use the following link to download a combined UK Parliament and Scottish Elections form.  –  here 

It is important that you read the guidance on the form before completing and returning it. 

If you are having any difficulties with the completion of the form or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Electoral Registration Officer using the details below.

Electoral Registration Officer for Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board The Robertson Centre 16 Glasgow Road Paisley PA1 3QF Email: Tel: 0300 300 0150 
You can find more about postal voting at and select location as Scotland

مکمل ہونے پر ، براہ کرم فارم کو واپس کریں:

انتخابی رجسٹریشن آفیسر

رینفروشائر ویلیوئشن جوائنٹ بورڈ

رابرٹسن سینٹر

16 گلاسگو روڈ

پیسلے PA1 3QF


آپ فارم کو بذریعہ ای میل بھی واپس کرسکتے ہیں تاہم فائل فارمیٹ کو TIFF یا پی ڈی ایف ہونا ضروری ہے۔  

ان فارموں میں ایڈوب ریڈر the کے استعمال کی ضرورت ہوگی
اگر آپ کے پاس ایڈوب ایکروبیٹ have نہیں ہے تو ، یہ یہاں پایا جاسکتا ہے:

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